Based on the Argentinian series "Algo habrán hecho" by Argentine history, the Chilean version tells throughout the episodes a fragment of the history of the country from the time of the conquest until the centenary of the nation. The actor Francisco Melo is guided in each chapter by the historian Manuel Vicuña, alternating footage in the contemporary era with animations and staging situations of historical facts by actors. During the setting of Chile's bicentennial, TVN launched "Algo Habrán hecho" on July 18, 2010, being widely valued by specialized critics.


Season 1

Series Drama
Running Time: 52 min / 24 episodes
Production Company: TVN/ Promocine
Director: Moisés Sepúlveda
Executive Producer: Nicolás Acuña, Paz Urrutia/ Luis Emilio Guzmán
Production Design: Paz Urrutia
Original Idea: Luis Emilio Guzmán
Editing Director: Jorge Lozano
Units Directors: Leonardo Valsecchi / Catalina Vergara/ Michel Gajardo /Camilo Becerra.

Season 2

Series  Documentary & Fiction 

Running Time: 60 minutos / 12 episodes

Production Company: Promocine / TVN
Director: Nicolás Acuña
Executive Producers: Paz Egaña, Luis Emilio Guzmán
Screenwriters : Luis Ponce
Editing: Jorge Lozano
Image Post Production: Juan Paulo Miralles
Sound Post Production: Zoofilms


Francisco Melo, Manuel Vicuña
Álvaro Espinoza, Trinidad González, Ariel Mateluna, Begoña Basauri, Diego Noguera, Marcial Tagle