Bahía Azul tells the story of a teenager who visits his mother in search of affection. She lives semi isolated from the world, on a house facing the sea and in the company of a woman. The meeting of both characters will be rather a disagreement that will throw the protagonist towards other characters that will be moving further away from his mother until he disappears. Only at that moment will she feel the weight of his absence.


Directed by: Nicolás Acuña
Script: Daniel Pizarro
Production Company: Promocine
Executive Producer: Luis Emilio Guzmán
Production: Patricia Pardo
Cinematography: Arnaldo Rodríguez
Art Director: Andrea Loyola
Editing: Andrea Chignoli
Music: Cristián Cuturrufo
Sound: Cristián Freund


Antonio Campos
María Izquierdo
Trinidad González
Mariana Loyola
Carmen Gloria Bresky
Catalina Saavedra
Paulina García
Cristián Campos
Manuela Oyarzún
Mario Montilles
Hugo Vásquez
Paloma Biskarria
Marcial Tagle