Ignacio, a professional thief and a foreign woman named Malena, meet on an interprovincial bus. From that casual encounter, the plot of the film unfolds in the story that Ignacio tells Malena about the last months of his life: a frustrated assault, the flight to the depopulated, the captivity at the hands of a demented border guard, an Indian woman. His brother Damaso is in jail, partly because of him. His sister Julieta and his nephew Tak, Damaso's son, are waiting for him in the city. For Ignacio this is a trip towards a reunion, loaded with guilt, unfinished business and hopes of reconciliation. It is also a journey that can reach redemption or darkness. The story is not over yet, Malena, her companion on the bus, also has something to say.


Technical info

Directed by: Nicolás Acuña
Script: Nicolás Acuña, Juan Ameijeiras
Executive Producer: Juan J. Harting
Production: Juan J. Harting, Nicolás Acuña
Cinematography: Rodrigo Iván Sepúlveda
Art Director: Pamela Wallace
Editing: Andrea Chignoli
Music: Jorge Aliaga
Sound: Roberto Muñoz


María Izquierdo
Aldo Parodi
Mario Ossandón
Rodolfo Pulgar
Pedro Vicuña
Javier Maldonado
Gloria Münchmeyer
Catalina Guerra
Luis Ziembrowski