For many, Paradise is just a quiet area in the neighbourhood of Independencia. For others, Paradise is a place where clandestine bets, money, passion and betrayal are on a daily basis. Leo and Pedro are childhood friends. Today at 27, they work under the orders of "El Jefe", a thug, owner of the neighbourhood and the lives of its inhabitants. One day, Leo receives news that will change his life forever, Gloria, Pedro's sister and the love of his life, returns to the city. Leo and Gloria will walk through their memories, in an attempt to recover their lost love.


Directed by: Nicolás Acuña
Script: Luis Emilio Guzmán, Daniel Pizarro, Nicolás Acuña
Executive Producer: Fernando Acuña
Production: Daniel Pantoja
Cinematography: David Bravo
Art Director: María Eugenia Hederra
Editing: Andrea Chignoli
Music: Pablo Ávila
Sound: Eugenio Gutiérrez, Álvaro Guinguis


Nelson Villagra
Leonor Varela
Juan Pablo Ogalde
Fernando Gomez-Rovira
Benjamín Vicuña
Ximena Rivas
Felipe Hurtado
Soledad Pérez